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Blaze Erupting by Rebecca Zanetti (Scorpius Syndrome, #4.5) (1001 Dark Nights)

Blaze Erupting
by Rebecca Zanetti

My rating: 4 stars

1001 Dark Nights | Scorpius Syndrome - Book 4.5
Publisher: Evil Eye Concepts, Incoporated (January 23, 2018)
Publication Date: January 23, 2018
Genre: Dark Romance | Anthology
Print Length: 125 pages
Available from: Amazon
From New York Times bestselling author, Rebecca Zanetti, comes a new Scorpius Syndrome/A Brigade Novella…

Hugh Johnson is nobody’s hero, and the idea of being in the limelight makes him want to growl. He takes care of his brothers, does his job, and enjoys a mellow evening hanging with his hound dog and watching the sports channel. So when sweet and sexy Ellie Smithers from his college chemistry class asks him to save millions of people from a nuclear meltdown, he doggedly steps forward while telling himself that the world hasn’t changed and he can go back to his relaxing life. One look at Ellie and excitement doesn’t seem so bad.

Eleanor Smithers knows that the Scorpius bacteria has and will change life as we know it, but that’s a concern for another day. She’s been hand-picked as the computer guru for The Brigade, which is the USA’s first line of defense against all things Scorpius, including homegrown terrorists who’ve just been waiting for a chance to strike. Their target is a nuclear power plant in the east, and the only person who can help her is Hugh, the sexy, laconic, dangerous man she had a crush on so long ago. 

**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

Blaze Erupting by Rebecca Zanetti

Blaze Erupting (Scorpius Syndrome #4.5)Today, Eleanor Smithers is the computer guru for the Brigade, the first line of defense against anything to do with the pandemic Scorpius. But years before she was the brilliant college student who caught the eye of fellow student, Hugh Johnson. Although they never acted on their attraction, disaster has brought them back together and all of those raging hormones have matured and grown even stronger, too bad they have little time and a million reasons to attempt to maintain their distance.

Terrorists are targeting a nuclear power plant and together, Hugh and Eleanor must stop this impending disaster. Could their timing be any worse? In a world filled with hate, could these two finally have found love?

BLAZE ERUPTING by Rebecca Zanetti has it all in just a few pages, a taste of Ms. Zanetti’s talents, adrenaline pumping action and heart-pounding sexual tension! Then again, Rebecca Zanetti always knows how to make her stories come to life, complete with attitude, heat and explosive chemistry!

I received a complimentary ARC edition as part of Rebecca Zanetti's upcoming Blaze Erupting Release Tour.

23:27 by H.L. Roberts Spotlight & #Giveaway

Fame. Money. Glory.
Part of me wants to die tonight...
by H.L. Roberts

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Cadava Publishing (November 24, 2017)
Publication Date: November 24, 2017
Genre: Drama | Social Issues | Depression
Print Length: 196 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
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These were all the things that you would expect from being famous. The bait that the producers of the industry would tempt you with to get you on their side.

What they don't tell you though are all the inner tragedies that come along just as quickly. They don't tell you about the heartache that occurs when you realize that this wasn't what you wanted at all.

They don't tell you about the pressure that's always on the verge of crushing you when you're forced to do everything that the public demands for and not what you truly desire.

They don't tell you about the self hatred that would soon take over your entire being at the thought that you will never be good enough.

No - they don't tell you these things at all.

But, Lilith Rose will.

When Lilith Rose, lead singer to one of the most famous rock bands around gets tired of all the lies and secrets that comes with being famous.

She decides that it's time for all of it to stop and ends up revealing everything on a Facebook live stream.

The result...

"Part of me wants to die tonight, part of me wants it to be an accident, and part of me wants someone to notice and save me." - Lilith Rose.
 23:27 by H.L. Roberts

23:27Was she a victim or the instigator of the nightmare and the media hype that led her to that fateful night in room 327? Did she really want to die or did she want her knight in shining armor to save her? The one man who loved her unconditionally, the one man she broke with her lies will pay for her actions, again. This is more than the story of a damaged young woman, it is the story of the pressures of fame, of contracts, of friendships, of losing oneself to the Koolaid one drinks to become a star, all at the cost of self. It is the story of love denied through lies, it is the story of emotional and mental illness that culminated in one final show, one solo broadcast, the final curtain coming down, but it is also a chance for one encore that must come from the gut.

Lilith has decided to end her pain and her life. First she will expose her life as a band member in the public eye, the villains, her enablers and just how messed up and weak she is. I found Lilith’s story nearly as painful as she did, but I didn’t hurt for her as much as I railed at her weaknesses and her inability to communicate with both her bandmates and Alec, the man she loved.
The problem with their love was racial. I know, I know…just saying that turns my stomach. As bandmates they had a façade to uphold, so said their promoters and naively, Lilith signed new contracts, took on a false life and left Alec high and dry, no explanation to anyone, not even the rest of the band.

Alec was left with no choice but to sit back and wither. ( I voted for him to cut bait and run.) She wouldn’t talk to him, wouldn’t be honest until the night she decided to take her life, then she shared everything with the world, her fans. No private moment to honor what they had or should have had. Still, I have to say, he handled it better than I would have, band be damned. Pretty sure they would have rallied behind both of them if they had been given the chance, after all, they, too, had secrets.

Fast forward through Lilith’s treatment and the lies and manipulations she is still victim to. Will she never give Alec a chance to talk? Will Alec never take that chance or will they move forward in a macabre dance of life, victims of their own making? Has even Cupid given up on them? I couldn't blame him...

Definitely a tale to evoke strong emotions from its readers on the volatile topics of mental health and suicide. High on angst and pain with peripheral characters that stay just far enough in the background to keep the focus on Lilith and Alec, their insecurities and their weaknesses, all while we wonder if either of them will ever have the strength to grab life by the horns, world be damned. Pretty sure H.L. Roberts had me twisted in knots throughout this entire tale, I was that involved in 23:27.

I received a complimentary review copy from H.L. Roberts
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H.L. Roberts is a writer from a small Kentucky town. She comes from a big family, and often finds herself sitting with them around the TV watching movies, and just staying close, which is how she believes a family should be.

Reading is one of her passions, and so is advocating for mental illnesses, as well as epilepsy. She wants to bring awareness to the invisible illnesses—the ones people know so little about. Using her other passion—writing—she does that and more.

She is working toward her degree in Marketing and English Literature, and hopes to finish that soon. When she does, she’ll have even more time to fall into a good book, whether she’s writing it, or reading it.

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Land of Strength and Sorrow by Cassandra Fear Spotlight & #Giveaway

One cure can save them all...
Will she choose the lives of many, or the heart of one?
Land of Strength and Sorrow
by Cassandra Fear

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Secrets of Orendor - Book 1
Publisher: Cadava Publishing (November 28, 2017)
Publication Date: November 28, 2017
Genre: Fantasy - YA
Print Length: 250 pages
One cure can save them all...

Princess Jovi's sheltered life has taught her nothing about Orendor, the kingdom she will one day rule. Longing for adventure isn't the same as being thrust in the middle of one, which is exactly what happens when the Frost Mages attack the castle in Kingsperch.

Determined to save her kingdom, Jovi must gather an army of brave warriors to defeat the Frost Mages and protect the people she loves. She seeks help from the bravest Mammoth Rider in all of Orendor—her fearless uncle, Meical.

Jovi will endure harrowing trials she never imagined she’d face, but as a daring new enemy emerges from the darkness, Jovi will discover a startling truth about herself that might open the door to a brand new future.

Will she choose the lives of many, or the heart of one?

Land of Strength and Sorrow by Cassandra Fear
(Secrets of Orendor, #1)

Land of Strength and Sorrow (Secrets of Orendor #1)It started with the death of a child, the lone act of one mage, but it would create a nightmare that could only end in a bitter war, unless one young princess can open the door to a new world and a new understanding. But first, she must discover the young woman within and learn what her heart is telling her.

Jovi never thought of herself as a warrior, particularly as her father, the King of Orender, kept her locked up within the castle grounds, guards as her constant shadows. Because of the cruel act of one mage, the Frost Mages had been cursed to suffer as the King and Queen did the day they lost their first-born child. Years later and the mages approach, wishing the curse to be lifted but an angry king will refuse and unleash the horrors of war on the land.

Desperate to end the war and save her kingdom, Jovi will undertake a quest to a forbidden land where she seek out the aid of a band of warriors forbidden in the kingdom. Jovi must convince her estranged uncle to return to the castle and protect not only the land of his birth, but the brother he left behind in anger. Time is running out, and a new and terrifying enemy has emerged, strong enough to destroy both the Frost Mages and the kingdom unless Jovi can unite her own unlikely army and arrive in time. She will also have to trust in her heart to choose the right path, does she choose young love over her kingdom or will the choice be made for her? Sometimes, the decisions we make can crush us, sometimes they will help us spread our wings and give us strength and vision.

LAND OF STRENGTH AND SORROW by Cassandra Fear has the magic of adventure, the edge of razor-sharp pain and animosity and the coming of age for a young woman who will discover what it means to be a true leader with heart. Meet magical creatures, feel their loyalties, love and determination to do the right thing against a deadly evil that has come out of the shadows.

An enchanting tale with a touch of darkness, innocence, and battle scenes that will have your adrenaline pumping, because no one is ever too old for a good fairy tale!


I’m Cassandra Fear. I’m an avid reader who can’t get enough of the written world, but I’m also a YA writer of fantasy and contemporary novels. On the side, I’m also a freelance editor who wants to help self-published and indie writers make it in this industry. It’s hard and grueling, but I think the reason I make such a great editor is because I had to learn how to do it to make my novels the best they could be. Small press publishers are fantastic. This is in no way knocking what they offer, but…most of them cut corners when it comes to editing. There’s no content editing, only grammar and typos. So, I strive to do my absolute best for you as a writer. I’ve been in your shoes and I understand. We are all trying to live the same dream, and even if mine doesn’t come true, I’m going to work my hardest to make sure yours does.

Other than writing and reading, I have two beautiful children and a wonderful husband that support me in everything I do. Being a writer, sometimes I’m not around as much as I’d like to be, but they understand that and give me the time I need to get the words on the page. My family is the reason I dream so big. I want to teach my children your dreams can come true, all it takes is a little hard work and a whole lot of dedication.

I love animals. I have two dogs, Smoochie and Marley, both of whom I rescued and gave a loving home. I also have a rescue cat, Ping, who we’ve had a good 10 years. And, we take care of a 55-gallon fish tank, home to all sorts of freshwater fish. But, my favorite are all the catfish.

I hope you’ll stop in, take a look around and if you like what you see, my books are available on Amazon. If you need editing services, click the link and shoot me a message. But feel free to contact me any time. I love to talk and make new friends.

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Dangerous Mate by Cecilia Lane Blitz and Giveaway

Dangerous Mate
Cecilia Lane
(Shifters of Bear’s Den, #2)
Publication date: January 10th 2018
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
A Bear spoiling for a brawl.
Cole Strathorn fights fires. That’s all he’s ever wanted to do. He thrives on danger and protecting his clan. No one would mistake the six-foot-four, gruff bear shifter for a freaking baby sitter. But that’s exactly what he’s become thanks to an assignment from the town’s mayor. Cole’s new job requires him to keep an eye on the government scientist who has arrived in Bearden to study the shifters.
Cole expects a clichéd nerd with horn-rimmed glasses and a pocket protector, but he’s pleasantly surprised to find his charge is a lovely, curvy and very appealing woman. A woman who smells like she might be more than an assignment. The shy but brilliant scientist might even be his mate. Her addicting scent certainly arouses his bear.
A head for science, but a body for research.
Rylee Garland has come to Bearden to work. She doesn’t have time for distractions or bossy bodyguards, even if they’re tall, dark and gorgeous. She’s determined to ignore the tension sizzling between her and Cole. Her reputation hangs in the balance. If she doesn’t solve the mysteries swirling around the small town, she can forget about keeping her job.
But it grows harder to resist Cole’s charm. One wicked-hot kiss leads to another. Is Cole for real? Or is he just using his seduction skills to get information? Rylee’s had enough heartache for one lifetime and the deeper she falls for Cole, the more she worries he might not be what he seems.
A war brews.
While Rylee and Cole fight their attraction, sinister forces gather in the town of Bearden. The government might want information about the shifters, but there are others that seek something darker: total shifter eradication. The threat lurks, and the menace is real. Rylee and Cole must set aside fear and desire and join forces if they hope to save the shifters of Bearden.
Step into the world of Shifting Destinies, where the men and women you meet might just be a little more than human. Their towns are protected by magic, and their hearts are open and ready for love. But watch your step – more than darkness lurks in the shadows.
The door banged open, and Rylee jumped. The test tubes she’d been pulling from a box rattled in her hands and nearly crashed to the floor.
She whirled at the disturbance and found a tall, dark-haired man shoving his way into the room set aside for her lab. His eyes found her and directed a ferocious scowl her way.
“You were supposed to wait for someone to get you,” the giant growled.
She took a step backward and tried to calm her pounding heart. Her hands went to her throat. She forced a breath out of her lungs, then sucked down her inhale. Waited a second. Then repeated the process all over again. But the breathing exercise did little to calm her.
God, he was huge. Bigger than Peter, bigger than Major Delano, bigger even than Chief Judah Hawkins. She was surprised he didn’t need to duck to enter the door. Tattoos covered his arms and added to the dangerous mystique of the stubble on his cheeks and his perfectly messy dark hair.
While she wanted to take her time studying the inked patterns on his forearms and his hands—his hands! those must have hurt!—it was his eyes that drew her in. They were storms of grey that hinted at a troubled soul, but there was kindness there, too. He could have given her a flat, steely look, but his eyes were soft.
Rylee could feel her cheeks reddening. Her panic was fading as much as it possibly could with a man of his size so close to her. And that ebb in emotion revealed something hidden under the depths: desire.
He was a rugged, handsome man. No. Hot as sin. And extremely, entirely off limits.

Author Bio:
If you'd like to be notified of new releases and special sales, subscribe here: http://cecilialane.com/CLML
Cecilia Lane grew up in a what most call paradise, but she insists is humid hell. She escaped the heat with weekly journeys to the library, where she learned the basics of slaying dragons, magical abilities, and grand adventures.
When it became apparent she wouldn’t be able to travel the high seas with princes or party with rock star vampires, Cecilia hunkered down to create her own worlds filled with sexy people in complicated situations. She now writes with the support of her own sexy man and many interruptions from her goofy dog.

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Sheltered by Jen Colly Tour & #Giveaway

The Cities Below Book 4
by Jen Colly

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pub Date: 1/9/2018

Only love can save her from certain death. Too bad, she doesn’t believe in love . . .
When Bette Dautry comes to him, seeking his protection, Guardian Rollin Casteel suspects the mysterious beauty has an ulterior motive. Unable to resist her seductive charms, he soon hungers to mark her as his. Only Bette disappears before he can sink his teeth into her tender flesh, leaving Rollin with one mission: to find her—and to claim her. . . .
Bette seduces Rollin intent on conceiving his child, believing the mother-child bond to be the only kind of love she can sustain—the only kind of love that can keep her alive. But she never expects to feel so much for her strong and silent lover. Then she discovers Rollin is none other than the heir to the Balinese throne—a man too noble—too dear—to play a role in her dark scheme. A man she would willingly die for, if only he would set her free. . . .

Beneath the Night
The Cities Below Book 3

Sometimes survival means surrendering everything . . .

Lord Navarre Casteel wakes from a long sleep to find the vampire city he rules forever changed and his future in the hands of a mysterious beauty who offers her life for his. Fiery-haired Cat survives his feeding, fueling Navarre’s body and mind—as well as his suspicion that she is one of the Forbidden—a lethal mix of vampire and human blood. Yet that doesn’t stop the throb of Navarre’s desire, the feeling that she is destined to be his mate, to hell with consequences. . . .

A solitary fighter sworn to protect the children in her charge, Cat never expects to feel so much for Navarre in the face of his savage feeding. Which is why his offer of protection is nearly her undoing. For how can she let down her guard when she has always walked alone? But Cat has never faced an enemy like the one she faces now, never felt such a powerful need to surrender to the force of love . .

The Cities Below Book 2

The streets are a battleground for humans, vampires, and demons alike—where survival is a skill, love is a weapon, and the most dangerous act is to care for another . . .

Keir is an assassin devoted to Lady Arianne, the last of her royal bloodline. He is sworn to protect her, and that means eliminating any threat to her life. But while on a mission, he is set upon by a pack of demons, barely escaping with his life. 

Cleopatra lives by a set of rules so rigid she no longer knows her true self. But her kind and loving nature resurfaces when she finds a man, bloodied and dying. Moved to help him, she risks her future and her life to save a stranger far below her aristocratic station. 

Their attraction to each other is as powerful as it is forbidden. But even as their love grows, Keir keeps his true identity a secret—and this lie is not the only threat to their love . . . or their lives. 

In the Dark
The Cities Below Book 1

Demons have returned, a vengeful enemy waiting to strike. Soren and Faith must find a way to survive the evil and darkness. 

Faith's spur of the moment vacation, meant to free her and boost her spirits, has left her lost on the streets of Paris. And apparently, Paris is populated with something more than just humans. Vampires, suave, seductive and oh so sexy, and one such warrior vampire has set his sights on her. 

When Soren hears Faith's terrified screams, he rushes in and saves her life without considering the consequences. Two problems: one, she's a human and clearly aware of his vampire qualities, and two, the men who attacked her were not men at all, but demons. Their target, his beloved underground city of Balinese. He can never let Faith go home again, but can she learn to love his people. . .love him?

Jen Colly is the rare case of an author who rebelled against reading assignments throughout her school years. Now she prefers reading books in a series, which has led her to writing her first paranormal romance series: The Cities Below. She will write about anything that catches her fancy, though truth be told, her weaknesses are pirates and vampires. She lives in Ohio with her supportive husband, two kids, one big fluffy dog, and four rescued cats.

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